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White, red and rosé
Developed from the Bourboulenc grape (also known as Malvoisie), the Château d'Anglès white wines have a pale yellow body with a highly elegant lemony and slightly flinty aroma. Smaller amounts of Marsanne, Roussanne and white Grenache add an extra floral and fruity complex.

The red wines are made from Syrah for its blackcurrant flavours, Carignan for its personality, Mourvèdre giving them longevity and full bodied tannins and the Grenache Noir adding smoothness.

The Château d'Anglès rosé is made of Mourvèdre, Syrah and Grenache and immediately conjures up hot summer days with cicadas chirping away in the background. It is supple and round with raspberry, peach and citrus aromas.

Gamme Château d'Anglès
The Classiques red, white and rosé, & the Grands Vins, red and white. Click to see more.

Structured and complex or expressive and fruity, always elegant
Grand Vin red and white is crafted from selected plots of the vineyard. It is nursed in oak barrels to develop a wonderful aromatic complexity of ripe fruit and spices on a silky structure.

Classique red, white and rosé are expressive, smooth and fruity wines, vinified and nursed in vat with the very same concern for quality, personality and elegance.

Gold and stars
With more than 35 gold medals since 2002, the Terroir of Château d'Anglès confirms its potential. But it's the talent and hard work of Eric and his family that have brought the wines to the highest accolades.


A new ring to the Languedoc accent!
Like a talented chef, Eric Fabre has succeeded in combining the highest quality ingredients to create an exceptional result, bringing the Château d'Anglès label the attention it deserves.

Building on their well-founded success, the Fabre family will no doubt take the Château d'Anglès to new heights, helping put their distinctively Mediterranean wines firmly on the map. Hailed as the new Provence in terms of tourism, the Languedoc reputation for fine and elegant wines is also growing fast.

Others too have recognised the qualities of this exceptional Terroir and the Fabre family is not alone on the massif de La Clape in its quest for quality, so the secret will soon be out of the bag, or should that be the bottle!
  La Clape
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